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Valentine's Day Bedroom Decor in 3 Easy Steps

Valentine's Day Bedroom Decor in 3 Easy Steps
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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone is hustling to come up with the perfect surprise for their significant other. Whether you’ve just started dating or have already established a family of your own and are looking forward to some time alone as a couple, there’s always something magical about celebrating the night out on Valentine’s Day.

So, you foresee it all. After a night of needlessly fiddling with your beautiful bouquet of flowers or savoring that box of chocolates or even just sipping a glass of fine wine while laughing at inside jokes you two would have stashed, it’s now time to head home and maybe take it up a notch. But hold on a sec! Is your bedroom even worthy of such love intoxication? Did you spruce it up in case the night leads to this?

And snap! The mood is forever lost as you dash your way home and hold off your partner from entering the room without you first picking up a few clothes from the floor and spraying a little ‘pine-fresh’ in desperate need of some scent aside from dirty laundry. Not exactly how you pictured your night would end up, huh?

But hey - don’t worry, you’ve still got time! With a few weeks away, you can definitely prepare your little love nest into something that will spark the fire reminiscent of romance under the Moroccan lights. The best part is, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 kisses on the lips:

  1. Scents and music

A little soft music on deck to help with the transition from the hustle and bustle of the Valentine’s Day celebration outside to the gentle sway and feel of your bedroom. You can have a little tea-light oil warmer or diffuser brewing some lavender or sandalwood and vanilla oils to tickle your senses, as well.

  1. Silk bed sheets drapes and throw pillows

Silk sheet instantly signifies slithering under the covers, goofing around and tickling each other to exhaustion. Also, place some colorful patterned throw pillows on the bed to get that Moroccan vibe. Don’t worry about being ‘matchy-matchy’ since Morocco is all about playfully placing patterns on top of each other to get that interesting exotic look. A patterned rectangular carpet at the foot of your bed placed diagonally would also add to the setting. You can also add some sheer drapes to serve as bed canopies to make it a little more ‘extra’.

  1. Mood-setting Lighting

Nothing sets the mood better than a warm lighting. You can easily achieve this by showcasing either a Moroccan chandelier Turkish design or Moroccan hanging lanterns glistening from the ceiling. From something as subtle as a Moroccan pendant light to a bit more on the flashy side like a Moroccan lantern, you’re sure to hit the sweet spot with these gems. A Moroccan pendant with its intricate designs will definitely up the game in achieving this look, so here are a few to choose from:

Paradise City Moroccan chandelier Turkish, $325

Moroccan chandelier Turkish

Study in Violet Moroccan Pendant Light, $275

Moroccan Pendant Light

Helen of Troy Moroccan Lights, $750

Moroccan Lights

The luminous globes and lanterns boasting of carefully crafted patterns are sure to set the mood for an even more romantic evening. As these Moroccan lanterns complete the look you are going for without breaking a sweat, you can focus more on your loved one’s astonished gaze as they enter your bedroom...



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