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Blend In a Little Moroccan Decor into your Modern Home

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Life is most fun when it is filled with variety. Why should the space you live in be any different? 

Sticking to a single décor style is not just limiting, it can also get a little monotonous. Blending in a little Moroccan themed décor to a modern room adds a touch of sophisticated, worldly elegance. With beautiful Moroccan lights casting soothing shadows, vibrant colors and comfortable cushions, an otherwise boring place becomes an oasis where the eye is pleased and the heart is filled. A Moroccan themed décor can transform a plain, boring room into an exotic oasis.

Moroccan Lights

Lighting makes the room. Moroccan lights can make the room come alive. Like artwork, the etchings on the metal and the shadows on the walls and ceilings keep you mesmerized. And just because they cast shadows, does not mean that these lights don’t give off ample light to be functional. Try Moroccan lamps when decorating your wedding venue - visit our wedding lights collection to learn more!

Vibrant Colors of Mosaic Light

Warm, vibrant colors are a hallmark of Moroccan décor. You will find Majorelle blues and reds and golds all weaved into the same room in Morocco. No, they are not afraid that the colors don't match. Warm colors, boldly used, is a Moroccan decor attribute.  


Fabrics play an important role in Moroccan décor. Whether you toss a colorful, patterned fabric over a sofa or bed or throw a sheer fabric over a bed to create a canopy, fabrics add the warmth that is the central element of Moroccan décor. Fabrics with different patterns and textures also work well, but stay away from floral and large polka dots. The oversized fabric is a great complement to Moroccan décor, for example, curtains that touch the floor with a little extra.


Ottomans go with Moroccan décor, of course. Low seating or, better still, if you are a bit flexible, cushions on the floor invite guests to just plop down and get comfy. Few things encourage informality and casualness than sitting on the floor on a soft cushion surrounded by comfy pillows. But if that’s not your cup of tea, select furniture that is dark wood.  Even better if the furniture has mosaic patterns, carvings, and metal embellishments.


Accessorizing the room with a tray filled with fruits, colorful paintings, cushions, and antique items laid about casually create the little detail that adds authenticity to a Moroccan themed room.


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