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    Exquisite Moroccan Lighting for the Perfect Ambiance

    Artisan Handcrafted. UL Listed. Exotically Modern.


Artisan Handcrafted. UL Listed. Exotically Modern.

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Moroccan Lighting is about as perfect a meld of modern and exotic lighting as you can get.  There are many reasons to fall in love with Moroccan lights – the intricacy of the patterns etched into the metal, the beautiful shapes, the inherent uniqueness of handmade fixtures and the soft shadow patterns these lamps cast on the surrounding walls and ceilings - all combine to give you lighting that you will absolutely love.  In a world of heavily designed lighting, it amazes us to see how much our customers love the simplicity of the shapes and soft beauty of the shadows.  But while Moroccan lamps create a soft ambient light, they are also very functional because they can be lit bright enough to be the only light source in the room when used with a stronger bulb (above 60 watts).  

And these Moroccan lamps are surprisingly flexible in their application.  Our clients use them in so many locations.  Some have hung 2 or 3 Moroccan pendants over their kitchen islands, others have placed them over a dining table, over a nightstand next to the bed, over the bed, in a corner of the room or in the entryway.  Where ever you decide to place a Moroccan lamp, they will be a breath-taking addition to the space.

Décor with pops of color makes the room come alive!  That’s we offer the Turkish Mosaic lamps.  These ornamental lights add color and life to any room and pair well with the Moroccan lamps.  Our Turkish Mosaic table lamps and chandeliers are created using premium Czech glass that have a brilliance and clarity and make a big difference in the sparkle and attractiveness of the globes. The colorful patterns that they cast are astounding!  Also, all our Turkish Mosaic lamps are customizable.  Just call or email us with the colors that fit your décor and we will be glad to suggest a Mosaic lamp that will fit perfectly in your space.

And finally, we have our Modern Lighting collection that is simply beautiful!  Organic and completely unique, these modern pendant lights are made of composite cloth material and are entirely handmade - stitched, embroidered and pleated.  The cloth is fire proof, moisture proof and water proof making it also a great selection for restaurants and bars.     

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